Week whatever PPJ

We finished up a lot of last minute stuff to show off at the check in thing or whatever last Tuesday. I got a job at Activision so yeah that’s sweet. All the levels and their textures are in, I just need to hook them up so you can actually play through the game and then it will go to play-ability testing for external people. We’re pretty happy and confident with where things are right now, just got a few things left to do.

15 hours


Team Status Update: 5/4/2015


Hello everyone! This week we not only have officially finished a first pass of all of our rooms/frozen our rooms but we’ve also updated our site with the latest build. Bear with us, as the game is still pretty buggy (we’ve already started to playtest and polish), but you’ll be able to go through all 6 of our rooms (the foyer, the dining room, the music room, the library, the bedroom and the infirmary).

As far as the rest of the term goes, we’re just going to be playtesting, polishing and adding audio/narrative bits to improve the story. We’ll also be doing work on our website as well as creating a few promotional items (such as an informative playthrough video and newly updated trailer). We’ve also officially registered for Indiecade! Wish us luck!

Brittany Gilbert PPJ Week 5

Hi everyone! So we presented the game on Tuesday and it seemed to go pretty well. I did a lot of work texturing and making sure the game was ready to go for our Tuesday deadline (including making sure our members got to class on time despite injuries!) I wound up doing textures for the foyer, bedroom and infirmary. Lots and lots of textures…

I also filled out our Indiecade application! We’re officially submitted to Indiecade, hooray! Tomorrow night, I’m also going to be filling out the first draft of our senior show presentation.

Meetings: 2 hours

Texturing: 6-8 hours

Indiecade App: 2-3 hours

Putting out misc. fires (*coughcough*Git*coughcough*): 2-3 hours

Week 05 PPJ – Cassie Beasley

Meeting with Jichen – 2 hours

Monday polish – 5 hours

Script edits – 2 hours

Foyer/Infirmary polish – 6 hours

Playtesting – lil bit.

Now that the structure of the gameplay is done, I’m deep in it polishing. This week’s targets were the Infirmary and Foyer. We’ve got some big playtesting scheduled for Tuesday so that’s exciting.

WEEK 05 PPJ – Keith Miller

This week started out with some last-minute enhancements and bug fixes of the UI to go in the build we showed on Tuesday. Later in the week I played the game for a bit to look for bugs, and began working on a main menu screen for the game. I’ve made a decent amount of additions and changes to the website on my local machine, but haven’t made it live yet because I still need to get some assets and content, including some I haven’t asked for yet. I’m not too much in a rush for those because I know we need to get the game done first and I can do the coding and design with placeholder images and text.

Week 05 PPJ – Melissa Gruver

6 hours – Asset consolidation

4 hours – weekly meetings

2 hours – cutscene organization

This week was pretty good, a lot of time was spent putting all the art assets in one spot, which was more busy work than anything. The good news is I can move on to working on the cutscenes! I already had the intro all storyboarded out from last term, but after consulting with Jichen and Cassie, we’re trying to really cut down on the amount of images needed. Previously I had about forty images as part of the storyboard, but after going back to the original intro plan, I’ve narrowed down the necessary images to about 12. I’ve also drafted some rough sketches digitally for the 12 necessary images as well. So….yeah. Not too much else to report this week.

Week 05 PPJ – Tyler Wood

This week we were able to recover, rebuild and begin to polish assets that we scrambled to create last week. I polished assets in the foyer which took like 6 or so hours. Also we met with Jichen for an hour and she didn’t kill us, so I think we’re on the right track.